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    Hi there, 

    Thank you for reaching out to check on how to crop an image using PDF Suite.

    To do that you will need to select your image while in Edit Mode​ to make it the active document element. You will know it is the active document element because of the red border surrounding the image: 


    In the Insert tab, you will see the options for Clip and Crop. They will only be accessible if your image has been selected. 


    Choose the CropOption. The mouse icon will turn a cross. The border around the image will turn black.  

    Drag the corner of the box. When only the part of the image you wish to keep is visible, release the mouse button: 

    When you release the mouse button you will see a preview of what the final result will look like. You can reposition or resize the cropped area. Once you are finished click on Crop to continue. The selected area will be all that remains.


    Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions. 

    PDF Suite team 


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