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Never got the Activation key email but was charged for the product



  • ytobeh

    I was charged for a renewal subscription 2 days ago but never received an email with an activation fee. I am unable to get support through the phone and placed two requests for support since yesterday and still waiting for an answer. Any suggestions on how to contact software support?

  • Ruediger Beckhaus

    I have the same problem - charged for renewal - 3 days ago - received a Note concerning a successful renewal - however the program due not work

  • Patrick Trujillo

    Same here.  Renewed.  Never got activation code email.  CC already charged.

  • Gareth Gwatkin

    are there any updates to this. the same thing has happened to me.....

  • Laura Kuhns

    Same here!  This is ridiculous. They charged my credit card for an auto renewal and sent a confirmation of the renewal but no activation key.  


  • Robert B Stringer

    I need a receipt/ invoice for my purchase.  Where do I look for one?

  • Stevef

    This is a scam company.  


  • Sazjames333

    My subscription has auto renewed but not received activation key so cannot access the software. Emailed them several times and raised a request but no response at all!

    Anyone know who I can contact to sort out? Getting urgent now!

  • Ashley Campbell

    Same issue.  How do we get our activation code that we paid for?

  • Lindsay Stadtlander-Ebarb

    Same issue for me.  I received a notice my subscription was renewed but never received an activation code.  Did anyone ever get this resolved or have any luck?

  • Gareth Gwatkin

    I did manage to resolve this. I emailed the support team. They got back to me within a week and sent it over.


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